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Zara Larsson fraction: This has happened – Göteborgs-Posten

Zara Larsson, 17, has for the past week been receiving lots of threats of assault and rape. Many great artists hasten now to her rescue. But how did the row?

Still occur aftershocks after the article about the artist Zara Larsson Expressen published June 25 with the title Zara Larsson’s anger against Bråvalla festival (which has now been renamed). The day after the tours were so many that the Bulletin Board published a detailed summary of the situation.

Some of the recent events:

As late as Wednesday this Week commented Mats Söderlund, better known as his stage alias Günther , that he had been misunderstood when he called Zara Larsson for fjortis bride.

– It was not about girls or guys without I think she has the hubris, and if the music industry, not about sex. It’s all about me, me, me all the time, he says to Aftonbladet.

Meanwhile, a large number of Swedish celebrity support for the 17-year-old singer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram attention. With the hashtag #backazara invites artists like Malena Ernman , Sarah Dawn Finer and Marit Bergman their followers to support Zara Larsson, and also the TV4 profile Tilde de Paula Eby and radio show host Titti Schultz joins the choir.

“The anger is directed against the men of my age and older people, who instead of ask on Zara’s side as adults should (a 17 year old girl gets death threats and rape threats because she stands up for their rights and points out patriarchal structures), amplifies and repeats these structures ” Marit Bergman writes on his Facebook page.

How did it get to this? And what is it that happened?

Of gigs at music service Spotify, it appears that Zara Larsson is Bråvalla festival’s most popular performer in terms of the number of listenings. Therefore calling DN June 25 up singer, who will be pleasantly surprised. In light of the figures she feels, however, that it is puzzling how little festival has marketed her gig.

– I have seen several festival posters, and I do not stand with anyone. They went out with my name rather late, although I’ve been booked a long time. I will also play in the early afternoon, which of course is not as cool as playing later. It’s weird, it does not match really? she says.

She also says that she hopes to Bråvalla festival has a gender thinking, and that male artists tend to be overrepresented.

Expressen make the day their own version of the article, where they inflict the quote from DN’s text. In the title has now Zara Larsson’s disappointment Bråvalla turned into anger – and the wording suggests that the singer goes on the attack against the festival because she did not belong to the main acts.

This results an altercation between Zara Larsson and Expressen, on Twitter. Zara Larsson points out that she has never claimed that she should be one of the main acts. Expressen says that it is implied in her statement that her concert would take place at a later time. And so it goes.

And while starts of different users on the social media writing hateful messages to Zara Larsson.

Gunther does his entry

Through an article in Aftonbladet criticized Zara Larsson suddenly from unexpected quarters. Mats “Günther” Söderlund, the man behind singles like Ding dong song and Touch me , has ilsknat even wrote a long Facebook Post in which he diss singer correctly.

“You are one of many fjortis brides who are world renowned in Stockholm and hypas maximum but that is not going with hits but only a lot of fuss,” he writes, among other things, adding:

“Come on 10 years and enjoy a lot, then you have the experience and perspective on life, that is if you are still in the ‘music industry’, because as you know, will it ever new teenage girls that the music industry wants to gull pigs. “

Want to give Zara Larsson slap

Sebastian “Sheriff” Larsson hostess at the Bandit Rock, is the next man to interfere in the resurrection. In a live broadcast, he encourages his listeners to give Zara Larsson a slap if they see her.

The Sheriff is, however, soon out with an apology – the replica, he says, was never meant to be interpreted literally.

“When people are upset, you can not be happy and I ask, of course, sorry,” he told DN.

The same day that the sheriff does his statement dedicates Refused one of Bråvallas main acts, his popular song New Noise to Zara Larsson.

Threats and harassment

In a number of posts at Instagram June 29, the Monday after Bråvalla, Zara Larsson writes that she has been receiving several threats since the commotion began.

“I’m tired. I’m really so unspeakably tired of people to joke to it at my expense . Above all adult males. There are people who do not listen to me, without reading something in the newspaper that I do not really have to say. Top of their wish list they want anytime someone to rape me, beating me and usually even murder me. In the comment field laughing mates and agree, “she writes.

Zara Larsson says that each day she must block at least ten people who got in to her with serious threats.

The day after starting the hashtag #backazara to spread. And Mats Söderlund pronounce themselves in the Times about the reactions to his Facebook post.

– To all of you angry feminists who completely irrelevant called me old man slime, gore, pigs and pervert these days I pray tag down and put your energy something that can make our society better, he said to the newspaper.

Seven of the comments Zara Larsson

“She has not cried finished yet? Soon, she goes layed out with that she is lebb too. Media Whore “.

” It was for fun your boring morality police. I will not even go there. Just thought jokes at her expense a little, because she unfortunately, grown up and become a real ‘pussy’ … “.

” When will you understand that era loved the small dret Onge not deserve something else than hatred? The only Zara has is that she looks good, but they are rapidly destroyed by her disgusting ways of thinking on personality. “

” to throw feces at you. “

” Fan Zara you need a route back to the kitchen … “.

” Clock Fair … She’s just a snowed feminist who hates men in all its forms “.

” Must huh hard to be disliked by so many for so little you have done. Then the little you do not have to be good or “.

Source: Metro / Facebook / Instagram


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