Thursday, July 2, 2015

Zara Larsson fraction: Brave criticism – Göteborgs-Posten

Zara Larsson spoke about gender equality in Bråvalla Festival and has since been subjected to a hatstorm in social media. Amanda Lindholm, founder of the organization Equality Festival, standing behind her one hundred percent.

In an interview with the Daily News on June 25 commented singer Zara Larsson 17 years , male dominance in Bråvalla festival schedule. Although she was in the number of listens on Spotify to judge the festival was by far the most popular artist, her name was not included on many of Bråvallas posters.

– They went out with my name rather late, although I have been booked long. I will also play in the early afternoon, which of course is not as cool as playing later. It’s weird, it does not match really? she said in the interview.

The festival’s main acts is, in Bråvallas own assessment, Muse, Calvin Harris, Robbie Williams, Deadmau5, In Flames, Sabaton, Faith No More, Kent, Lars Frederiksen and Refused . Throughout men.

– I do not quite this with the main acts. How to determine it? I really hope that the festival has no gender aware. Personally I think it’s much more fun to watch any bride, than guys who are always overrepresented, said Zara Larsson.

In a Expressen article expressed the Zara Larsson attacked the Bråvalla because she herself was not one of the main acts. After the article has been widely disseminated in the social media, the singer received countless comments and messages containing threats of rape and assault.

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Amanda Lindholm, founder of the organization Equality Festival, is not surprised by the reactions directed against Zara Larsson.

– It only shows how far away we are to be able to bring a sober discussion of the facts, but also how much work lies ahead before the music industry can be said to be equal.

She says the call rate has risen slightly in recent years, and that it has become a greater consensus around that the gender gap is a problem that needs to be solved.

– But apparently it is still provocative to stick your neck out like Zara Larsson makes. She performs very relevant and courageous criticism, and I stand behind her one hundred percent, says Amanda Lindholm.

Equality Festival is a nonprofit organization that works to highlight and counteract male dominance available on the Swedish festival scenes today . Last year, instruments on the country’s ten largest festivals 73 percent male-dominated, 24 percent female-dominated and three per cent mixed, showing the association’s numbers.

Bråvalla festival, which with Zara Larsson’s statement in DN come under the microscope during the past week , had significantly worse statistics than average with 85 per cent male dominance. This year saw the numbers somewhat brighter, with 78 percent male-dominated acts.

Of the 96 booked acts were thus only 21, which consisted of more women than men.


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