Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Zelmerlöw: Can imagine dating a guy – Aftonbladet

“Pluras kitchen”, he claimed that homosexuality is a deviation – and caused watching the storm.

Now open Mans Zelmerlöw up for yourself dating a man.

– Yes, if I get the feeling so far, he tells Metro.

It was the “Pluras kitchen” just over a year ago Mans Zelmerlöw , 28, during a dinner, said he thought that homosexuality was as natural as heterosexuality.

– I believe that man is born with an automatic appeal to the female. And the woman likewise. So it must have been somewhere, he said in the program.

Undone words

The statement received including dinner party entertainer Miriam Bryant to react vigorously and after program broadcast was Zelmerlöw deeply remorseful over his choice of words.

– I could blame the fact that it was a lot of alcohol and then but it feels cowardly, he told Aftonbladet.

But now, says the pop star, soon to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, that he would consider dating a kille.I Metro’s web-TV program “Ask me” setting himself positive to meet someone of the same sex.

“If I get the feeling”

– Yes, if I get the feeling so far. That I could do. But as I said, then I get the feeling well, he says.

Zelmerlöw also says that it was precisely the stormy debate that arose after “Pluras kitchen” that caused him to cry later. It occurred in connection with the breakup with his girlfriend Azra Osmancevic – and the combination cracked him in total.

Is Single

– For Type A year ago, I had a pretty tough weekend. Partly aired this notorious “Pluras kitchen” program and the same weekend took it out with my then girlfriend. And then there was much crying, you may believe.

When asked if he is in love with someone, he becomes secretive.

– Difficult question, no it is not. But in the hooks. I do not know what to say more on the matter. I have no relationship, I’m single, he says, laughing.


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